Artist - EJ Hassenfratz

EJ Hassenfratz

EJ is an Emmy award winning freelance 3D artist and educator who has hosted over 150 tutorials on his blog that is watched by thousands of people every day, as well as teaching a comprehensive 10-week course on learning Cinema 4D on School of Motion. His positive energy, engaging style, and passion for teaching and inspiring others has led him to opportunities to speak at conferences and meet ups across the globe. He’s a craft beer geek who tries more different beers in a year than most people do in a lifetime.

Artist - Penelope Nederlander

Penelope Nederlander

Penelope Nederlander is a two time Emmy-nominated art director, motion graphics animator, and digital artist. She brings 16 years of experience in Los Angeles and Austin with credits including the main titles for Pitch Perfect, Temple Grandin, the first two Kung Fu Panda films, and The Tick among others. Currently she is working as a compositor for Rooster Teeth on RWBY and upcoming gen:LOCK.

Artist - Barton Damer

Barton Damer

Barton Damer is the owner and founding artist of Already Been Chewed (ABC), a motion graphics and 3d animation studio that has helped to launch products for some of the most iconic brands in the world including Nike, Marvel, Tiffany & Co., Star Wars, Under Armour, Adidas, the NBA, and DISNEY.

Artist - Matt Milstead

Matt Milstead

Matt is a partner at Nexus Motion and one part of the Mograph Podcast duo.

Artist - Brian Behm

Brian Behm

Brian is a freelance creative director and senior motion artist based in Austin, TX. His augmented reality streetwear project, No_Sys, works to empower and amuse people through secret messages.

Artist - Dave Koss

Dave Koss

Dave Koss is an Emmy™ Nominated and Telly Award-Winning 2D/3D artist from Dallas, TX. He has specialized in graphics for artists like Deadmau5, The Rock, Oprah, and George Strait. Dave runs with his business partner Matt Milstead, as well as an animation and motion graphics studio called Nexus Motion. The duo also hosts the weekly Mograph Podcast.

Artist - Handel Eugene

Handel Eugene

Handel Eugene is a Haitian American multidisciplinary artist, specializing in 3D design. Within his short career, he’s worked for companies such as Apple, Facebook, & Google as well as contributing to Marvel Films such as Spiderman & Black Panther. When Handel isn’t working, he’s serving in the education sector, teaching at Otis College of Art & Design as well as Mograph Mentor.

Athanasios Pozantzis

Athanasios Pozantzis

Athanasios Pozantzis AKA Noseman, has been servicing the Creative industry for more than 3 decades, spending most of his working hours creating Artwork and 3D Packaging Renders for big brands. He moved to Toronto – Canada in 2013, and now records tutorials for artists, teaches, and occasionally takes up a project or two; everything – of course – using his favourite 3D software, Maxon Cinema 4D. He is also a Maxon Certified instructor. His professional Zenith was achieved when he realized that googling “Noseman” shows his website first on the search results.

Russ Gautier

Russ Gautier

Russ is a lover of sci fi, dogs and all things design/VFX. As Associate Creative Director at Perception he spends his days leading teams of top talent in creating exciting VFX, design and futuristic user interfaces (FUI) for blockbuster feature films, and then figuring out how to make it all real for the world’s biggest tech and automotive companies. 

Chris Schmidt

Chris Schmidt

Chris Schmidt is a Cinema 4D obsessive, 3D artist, educator, and software developer who creates tools, tutorials, and live streams for his company Rocket Lasso. Co-founder of the “Chicago C4D” user group and “Half Rez“, the Midwest’s largest annual motion graphics conference. Chris has been soaking up all things Cinema 4D since 2000, continuously sharing his encyclopedic knowledge with a large community of artists.

Artist - Mathias Omotola

Mathias Omotola

Mathias Omotola has worked as a Fortune 500 sales and marketing specialist to a digital artist, with a passion for Visual Effects / Special effects and motion design. Pulling from his diverse background, Mathias has focused and adopted the principal of “form follows function”, associated with modern architecture and industrial design in the 20th century. This philosophy has allowed Mathias to keep the final result of his creations and their purpose, top of mind throughout the design process. Today Mathias works with Maxon as Manager of community and event.

David Glanz

Dave Glanz

Oh hello there! I’m Dave Glanz – call me your friendly neighborhood motion designer. I’m self-taught (no wait – come back!), and since 2001 have specialized in 2D and 3D animation. I’m based out of my home office in Chevy Chase, MD, but originally from Pittsburgh, PA. I’ve been an official “freelance” motion designer since the year my first daughter was born in 2013. I’ve worked with clients both local and national – everyone from NASA to the American Film Institute to the Discovery Channel. In my spare time, I can be found with my wife, Michelle, daughters, Julia and Natalie, beta-testing Cinema 4D for Maxon, talking fondly about his beagle, Sparky, watching movies, and listening to mopey rock.

Eric Small

Eric Small

Eric is the T.D. and a senior medical animator at Nucleus Medical Media. He loves bridging the gap between creativity with scientific accuracy, and bringing the unknown microscopic world to life. When he’s not animating, he’s mountain biking.

Michael Rosen

Michael Rosen

Michael Rosen runs Samplistic Media, a creative motion design and post-production company in the beautiful Sonoma County hills just north of San Francisco. Fortunate to have worked on a plethora of large brands such as: Salesforce, Subway, NBC, Xbox, eBay, FedEx, Speedee oil, MTV, Microsoft, Honda etc., as well as indie projects with heart, he loves what he does.

Artists - Victor Dimitrov

Victor “Weight of Thought” Dimitrov

Vic is a freelance CG Generalist who works under the company name and artist moniker, Weight of Thought. He is a director, editor, animator, colourist, VFX artist and musician all rolled into one. Always down to talk about Sci-Fi from the 80′s and Hip Hop from the 90′s. If you’ve got some Cinema4D questions feel free to hit him up.

Artists - Meghan Newell

Meghan Newell

Meghan is a designer, technologist, and visual communicator. Fluent in many styles and techniques, she strives to create things that look, move, and respond beautifully for clients that have included Google, Lyft, Apple, Nike, MTV, Jaguar among many others.

Artists - Chad Ashley

Chad Ashley

Chad Ashley is the Creative Director at Greyscalegorilla. He has conceived, directed, and animated motion design work that has earned numerous industry awards including a Design Grand Prix at the Cannes International Creativity Festival. Chad has created worlds for many adventurous clients, including Estee Lauder, Budweiser, and Cartoon Network. Currently, Chad develops tools and training at Greyscalegorilla where he and the rest of the team are working to expand GSG’s broad offering for the motion design community.

Artists - Chapman Bullock

Chapman Bullock

Chapman Bullock is a Creative Director that specializes in Design + Animation. Over the last decade, Chapman has directed and produced award-winning work for brands like NFL Network, Nike, Google, Squarespace and ESPN. Collaborating with agencies, brands and films of all sizes, he creates high-end content that can be integrated into any platform.

Artists - Arnaud Mellinger

Arnaud Mellinger

Arnaud is a lead motion designer, mostly working on Cinema 4D and After Effects. He is a part of the content team at Moment Factory, working with directors, designers and interactive developer to deliver projection mapping and interactive installation around the world.

Artists - Duarte Elvas

Duarte Elvas

Duarte Elvas has a background in film and television and he began his career in the broadcast industry as a motion graphics designer in Lisbon, Portugal. He earned his MFA from SCAD’s Motion Media Design program in 2014. Duarte is Creative Lead at Sarofsky, where he has worked since 2013 on some of the studio’s most iconic projects.

Artists - Jake Allen

Jake Allen

Jake Allen is a Senior 3D Animator and Designer at Sarofsky, where he enjoys creatively solving problems and finding elegant solutions to complex design challenges. When not pushing buttons, Jake enjoys exploring Chicago with his partner Soukprida and their adopted rescue pup, Wilbur.

Artists - Peter Eszenyi

Peter Eszenyi

Born in Budapest, Peter began his creative career as art director in advertising before his passion for filmmaking, visual effects and motion graphics drew him to London. Now a freelance VFX Supervisor and Creative Director, he worked on projects such as Ghost in the Shell, Pacific Rim: Uprising and Blade Runner 2049.

Artists - Cornelius Dämmrich

Cornelius Dämmrich

Cornelius Dämmrich is the name, a tooth his crest. He was born in 1989, not far from Honeckers Lampenladen in East Berlin. His mum didn’t like the east, so they moved. He went to school, didn’t really succeed and became very serious about MS Paint, James Cameron’s ‘Titanic’ and drawing exploding planes.

Today he calls himself a contemporary 3D Artist, which doesn’t really mean anything.
His work concentrates on highly detailed still images made with 3D software that take him between 2 and 7 months each. He also worked with NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (which is very cool and makes him also very cool).

He’s a pretty chill and shy guy. He likes soda, computers and long walks around tiny ponds.

Artists - Raphael Rau

Raphael Rau

Raphael “Silverwing” Rau holds a diploma in graphics and design and is specialized in photorealistic lighting, shading and rendering. He started out with Cinema4d Release 5 more than 10 Years ago and has been a self taught 3D artist ever since. His far reaching knowledge in the physically correct behavior of light and materials could be applied to many productions like Halo Spartian Ops and the Halo E3 Cinematic (Houdini Lighting TD), RedBull Formula1 animations (shading artist) as well as the Lamy “Special Edition 2019” spots (c4d Texturing / Shading Artist). If he´s not “on location” he is freelancing from his small office in Ludwigsburg, Germany.

Artists - Raphael Rau

Nick DenBoer

Nick is a director / animator based in Toronto. His unique brand of VFX laden comedy has been seen in ads for Old Spice and KFC. He’s done live tour visuals and music videos for deadmau5 and Flying Lotus, many TV shows, feature films, and he was a bit creator on Conan O’Brien.

Artists - Charlie Leroy

Charlie Leroy

Charlie use to be CG supervisor at Cirque du Soleil/4U2C. He is now freelance Technical Artist working in projection mapping, 2D and 3D motion design and Interactive installations. Very much on the technical sides of things, he still enjoy does art and 3D stuff.

Artists - Nick Campbell

Nick Campbell

Nick Campbell is the President of Greyscalegorilla. The number one place to learn Motion Design and 3D. His goal is to make 3D easier for everyone.

Artists - Joshua Michie

Joshua Michie

Joshua honed his craft as multidisciplinary designer and director. With storytelling as a core competency, he facilitates abstract ideas into creative business solutions for a world class clientele.

Artists - Mitch Myers

Mitch Myers

My name is Mitch Myers and I am a Freelance Motion Designer / Art Director based out of St. Louis, Missouri. I’ve had an incredible career so far and have met some amazing people because of it. I focus my abilities in dramatic lighting, powerful moods, and aggressively dark artwork. Besides making my way through the Mograph industry, I’ve founded and run the apparel brand FromBelow.Co

Artists - Andrew Kramer

Andrew Kramer

Andrew Kramer is a creative director known for his design work on film & TV as well as his contributions to the design community through innovative tutorials and creative plug-ins.

Artists - Eran Stern

Eran Stern

Coming from the world of graphics & animation combined with great passion for teaching, Eran taken upon himself to spread the love of Motion Design. Eran has an established track record in helping designers to improve their skills with visual effects and motion graphics. He’s collecting books, music, movies and great memories. Live on the verge between geek and cool.

Artists - Glenn Frey

Glenn Frey

After completing high school, Mr. Frey attended the City College of Art in Huchting, Germany. He then dedicated himself to his passion – music. He worked as a studio musician, songwriter and singer in various studios and for various bands. Mr. Frey discovered CINEMA 4D in 2003 and began working exclusively with this software. By 2005 he had become so adept at using CINEMA 4D that he began writing software manuals for MAXON Computer, the makers of CINEMA 4D. Mr. Frey has been successfully working as a freelance 3D artist, children’s book illustrator (emphasis on character design) and CINEMA 4D Quickstart manual author since 2005. He also gives CINEMA 4D workshops and presents MAXON products at trade shows and other public events. In 2009 Glenn Frey became a salaried member of the Maxon family.

Artists - Robyn Haddow

Robyn Haddow

Robyn Haddow is a freelance future tech concept and motion graphic designer with a focus on FUI design for screen graphics and holograms. Robyn spends most of her time imagining futuristic technology in story based worlds and makes sophisticated tech a reality seen in such films as Ant-Man and The Wasp, Spider-Man Homecoming, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2, Thor and television series The Flash, Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow.

Artists - Marti Romances

Marti Romances

“Marti Romances is Creative Director and co-founder at Territory Studio in San Francisco. Born and educated in Barcelona, Marti draws from a range of influences, disciplines, and perspectives to design breakout content for gaming, film, brand and digital clients. A motion graphic designer and multi-media artist, Marti articulates stories in the most captivating ways, drawing on his expertise of blending creativity with technology to realize innovative future-facing experiences for a myriad of clients. Marti’s technical virtuosity is on display in fantasy, futuristic, and commercial projects. His visual and experiential narratives define the future of film, UI graphics and motion design seen in The Martian, Avengers: Endgame, Ex Machina, Blade Runner 2049, and Guardians of the Galaxy — compelling designs that have attracted forward-thinking brands such as Huami, Land Rover, and Volvo who seek similar design work featured in real-world technology. Meanwhile, Marti’s continued willingness to experiment with bold ideas in new and exciting ways has garnered standout gaming clients such as EA Sports, 2K, Monolith Games, and Microsoft.

Artists - Jessica Herrera

Jessica Herrera

Jess is a 3D creative at Animade in London. Specialising in 3D Characters, she puts all her bubbly personality into her work. Modelling, Texturing, Rigging, Animating and Lighting characters is Jess’ passion.

Artists - Serjan Burlak

Serjan Burlak

Houdini & C4D craftsman, designer & animator passionate about neuroscience, Ai, mathematics of plants and biochemistry. I specialize in complex geometrical and data visualizations for film, games and science; work featured at TED, Siggraph, NVIDIA Ai Conference.

Artists - Uli Staiger

Uli Staiger

Uli Staiger, age 52, is a photographer and cg artist based in Berlin/Germany. He works as a freelancer for German and international clients such as Deutsche Lufthansa or BBDO. Uli started working with Cinema 4D in 2008. The scenes he developpes become more and more part of the hyper real and in the truest scence of the word “fantastic” imagagery he creates. Uli mixes polygon modelling with photography and Adobe Photoshop and is well known for his dramatic lighting.

Artists - Emma Gauthier

Emma Gauthier

Emma is a 3D generalist living in Chicago, currently working for Crate and Barrel as a 3D digital designer. Her real passion is character work and rigging, with an eye for lighting. Great fun with word puns to make the most interesting models.

Artists - Shams Meccea

Shams Meccea

Shams Meccea is a freelance motion designer. Her work often examines abstract ideas, spirituality and self-discovery. She grounds her work based on careful introspection, always drawn to working in many creative mediums.

Artists - Sean Frangella

Sean Frangella

Sean Frangella is a Chicago native who loves talking about particle simulations, 3D reflections, lens flares, and cameras motion. In addition to creating flashy video tutorials, he spends his days creating 2D and 3D motion graphics seen on TV, in sports stadiums, in short films, and all over the web.

Artists - Nikolaus Vuckovic

Nikolaus Vuckovic

Nikolas has worked with Cinema 4D for almost 20 years and is specialized in the fields of 3D animation, VFX and sound design. After 6 years as head of 3D he has been managing director of Immortal Arts since 2010. He became internationally known in the 3D scene with his work on Vienna Airlines and Crazy Furnitures and has worked for clients such as Samsung, Mercedes-Benz and Sony Music. He has received numerous awards and received a Staff Pick from Vimeo for Crazy Furnitures in 2014.

Artists - Robert Hranitzky

Robert Hranitzky

Robert works as a designer based in Munich, Germany, with a strong focus on motion graphics and animation for a wide range of projects from opening titles to showroom trailers and film projects. Passion and enthusiasm drive him to create beautiful imagery and animation in every project. No matter if it’s live action, 2D or 3D animation – or everything combined. For the past 15 years he has worked with clients such as Adobe, Apple, Audi, BenQ, BMW, Carl Zeiss, Elgato, Mammut, Maxon, Wacom, etc. Besides working as a creative he also shares his knowledge and experience as a frequent speaker on many shows, universities and conferences around the world.

Artists - Sophia Kyriacou

Sophia Kyriacou

Sophia Kyriacou is a senior level creative designer who has been working in the broadcast industry for over 22 years. She spends her time working for both the BBC in London and as a freelancer where her work has been seen and enjoyed by millions of viewers worldwide. She has been using Cinema 4D for almost 20 years where it still plays an important part in her overall workflow. Sophia is also a full voting member at BAFTA.

Artists - Brianne Gagg

Brianne Gagg

Bri is a Los Angeles based, multidisciplinary designer currently working at Buck. Motivated by minimalism and simplistic form, she creates tactile environments with a playful sophistication.

Artists - Alexis Copeland

Alexis Copeland

I’m a multidisciplinary brand designer and motion designer currently working at Microsoft in Seattle, WA.

Artists - Joey Camacho

Joey Camacho

Raw & Rendered is Joey Camacho – a freelance 3D motion and graphic designer based in Vancouver, Canada. He creates conceptual and creative design work professionally for reputable global brands as well as passionate local companies.

Artists - Luke Carpenter

Luke Carpenter

Luke is Senior 2D/3D Motion Designer who has been working in the industry since 2000. Initially working within Animation Production his journey has taken him through; Series work, Commercials, Broadcast, Film & TV titles, Branding, UI, Live Visuals, VFX and Composting. He works across all disciplines, utilising multiple techniques, software and design styles and loves a good problem to solve.

Artists - Andy Needham

Andy Needham

Andy Needham is a Senior Motion Designer specializing in design, animation and compositing with over 15 years of experience. Over the years, Andy has continued to develop his craft both technically and artistically and is skilled in a variety of software with particular emphasis on Cinema 4D and After Effects. Andy is an experienced author with a demonstrated history of working in the e-learning industry teaching the software he loves to use on LinkedIn Learning and

Artists - Dusan Vukcevic

Dusan Vukcevic

I am a self-taught 3D artist with almost 20 years of experience in CG industry. My passion for design, detail and photo-realism has driven me to create numerous images and animations, which brought me many awards and publications. I work as a freelancer from a remote part of Slovenia.

Artists - Miguel Prior Madail De Freitas

Miguel Prior Madail De Freitas

Mixing high end elaborate techniques with design and creativity, Miguel has been working for a wide array of international clients in different areas, from TV Advertising, Special FX, CGI for Broadcast and Print. His work has been featured and awarded in some of the most respected CG Sites, Societies and Groups. Miguel is currently a director and CG Supervisor at Nebula Studios.

Artists -João Marcos Marchante

João Marcos Marchante

João Marcos Marchante is one of the founders and executive producer at Nebula Studios, a portuguese animation focused studio. Graduated in Audiovisual and Multimedia in 2007 and started Nebula in 2008, home to many advertising projects.

Artists - Tobias Alt

Tobias Alt

Sebastian, Nik and Tobias met in 2004 at university where they got a “Bachelor of Arts” Degree. Parallel to studying, they worked fulltime at a music broadcaster, went freelance for a couple of years and finally founded UberEck as a creative design and animation studio in 2012.

Artists - Sebastian Schmidt

Sebastian Schmidt

Sebastian, Nik and Tobias met in 2004 at university where they got a “Bachelor of Arts” Degree. Parallel to studying, they worked fulltime at a music broadcaster, went freelance for a couple of years and finally founded UberEck as a creative design and animation studio in 2012.

Artists - Günter Nikodim

Günter Nikodim

Günter Nikodim has been a freelancing visual effects artist based in Vienna, Austria, for more than 10 years. He is a CG generalist, contributing any kind of 3D animation, motion graphics and compositing to various projects. He has done different kinds of digital effects for several TV shows, commercials and movies. Being a beta tester for Cinema 4D and using it as his main tool for content creation, he always tries to push the tool to its limits. With a passion for dinosaurs, his main interest lies in character creation, animation and rigging.

Artists - David Ariew

David Ariew

David is a C4D and Octane artist, as well as an Octane educator on Most of his projects are heavily music-driven, whether it’s ambitious full CG music videos, or concert visuals for Deadmau5, The Lumineers, Katy Perry, and Zedd. He specializes in lighting, texturing, sweet camera moves, and swing dancing.

Artists - Daniel Tegeland

Daniel Tegeland

Daniel Tegeland runs Brickland, a 3d extravaganza studio in the heart of Gothenburg. Together with his team they create jaw dropping imagery. Spanning over multiple fields the studio produces content for Polestar, Volvo, Gore Tex, Salomon to name but a few.

Daniel has been a 3d artist for over 20 years making the switch to Cinema 4D when Brickland was formed. Now C4D is the main tool at his studio. Motion graphics and animation is close to his heart.

When he is not outside running preparing for his next marathon he tries to find new creative ways to serve his company and the industry.

Artists - Mate Steinforth

Mate Steinforth

When Mate Steinforth isn’t feeling ridiculous about writing his own bio in thrid person, he’s either changing the diapers of his daughter or shouting at people to push pixels harder. After wasting much of his youth in front of the computer putting together those pixels himself, he wasted some more time with studying graphic design before deciding to do animation, which is what he wanted to do in the first place anyways.

Several stints at several amazing studios in several cities – including Madrid and New York as a Creative Director at PSYOP – led him to a settled position as a Partner and Creative Director of SEHSUCHT in Berlin. Here he works with a hardcore bunch of crazy design fanatics on their signature style of moving images.

Artists - Matthias Zabiegly

Matthias Zabiegly

For 15 years Matthias Zabiegly has been spending his workdays sitting in front of a computer, pushing buttons in a 3D program. And even though this is a rather frightening number of years he still feels as ethusiatic about his profession as he did on his very first day. Getting his feet wet as a freelancer for Animationsfabrik and Pictorion das werk he put his rendered pixels on the big cinema screen for a few feature films before diverting into the fast paced and high adrenaline world of commercials. Starting at Aixsponza more than 10 years ago he has worked his way up to become Head-of-3D leading productions for various high profile clients. But even though the job descriptions on his business cards became more and more fancy over the years at heart he’s still that super excited boy who can’t believe he’s doing 3D for a living.

Artists - Christoph Schindelar

Christoph Schindelar

Christoph Schindelar started in the age of 12 to play with level-editors which was his first contact with CG. After getting to know several different 3D applications he fell in love with Cinema 4D in 2004 and has since used it to complete a variety of projects. In 2010 he turned his hobby into his profession and he’s been a Cinema 4D trainer since 2012. He considers himself a generalist with a wealth of experience. He is specialized in photogrammetry as an expansion of his CG workflows. Christoph is the founder of

Paul Klingberg

Having used Cinema 4D as a hobbyist since he was 13, Paul Klingberg joined Effekt-Etage in 2009. As 3D Lead, he specializes in automotive visualisation in animation, print and real-time. Effekt-Etage GmbH is a driver of innovation for exceptional visualisation as well as digital brand and product experiences. The company develops scalable solutions for the entire CGI (Computer Generated Images) process.

Artists - Matthias Zabiegly

Mehdi Hadi

As a Designer, Art Director, Illustrator, VFX Artist or Motion Designer, Mehdi has freelancing for a wide range of studios, working on famous franchises including LOVE DEATH + ROBOTS, Valerian, The Surge, etc.

François-Côme du Boistesselin

François-Côme is the Creative Director and Co-Founder of Unit Motion Design. Despite UMD being a relative newcomer on the market, its portfolio is already impressive, working on brands including Nike, Ubisoft, Roger Dubuis, Lamborghini, etc.

Massimiliano Napoli

Massimiliano is literally born between colours and pencils, after a degree in Architecture in Florence he travels around Europe attracted by the world of ArchiViz that finally lead him to the bigger one of CGI. Spending some years as 3D Artist, he became one of the Production Managers at Diorama in Milan, crafting images with more then 20 creatives. At the same time he is still pursuing his main passion for 2D as Lead Post-Producer at the office and as a passionate illustrator for fun.

Artists - Adam Tubak

Adam Tubak

Adam Tubak was born in Vienna in 1985, started to be obsessed with Animation and CGI through watching the “1990 Prix Ars Electronica” which lead him to experiment with stop-motion animation and later on to play around with the very early versions of Cinema 4D. Fast forward to the present day; Adam is now an Art Director at the Viennese digital advertising agency Tunnel23, which he helped become the company it is today. For the past 11 years, he has successfully worked as head of Animation on numerous award-winning campaigns for clients like T-Mobile, Mazda, Ikea, Opel, or BMW just to name a few. Driven by curiosity, he never gave up on his personal projects and his love for art and still spends endless nights creating, learning and mastering his craft. He also teamed up with his parents, two contemporary light artists, whose work spans half a century. Together they create light-installations that were exhibited across various galleries in Europe.
No matter what he is currently working on, using Cinema 4D gives him the tools to do what he was aiming for since his childhood: Creating worlds!

Artists - Jose Panadero

José Panadero

José Panadero is one of the founders of Cinexin Studios where they carry out all kinds of projects: Motion Graphics Design, VFX and Compositing. He has worked in advertising campaigns for brands such as Mercedes, Chevrolet, Hyundai, Nokia, Coca-Cola, American Express, Nationwide and Reebok, among others. This extensive professional experience has led him to develop tasks of post-production supervision and technical advice in numerous audiovisual projects.

His passion for digital post-production and deep technical knowledge also reaches the educational community. José Panadero has been combining his activity in the audiovisual industry with training in Adobe After Effects and Cinema 4D for two decades. As a teacher, he holds the official certifications Apple Certified Trainer for Final Cut Pro 7 / X, Adobe Certified Instructor for After Effects and Blackmagic Design DaVinci Resolve. He has also written three manuals for the handling of digital editing and post-production tools.

Artists - Blake Kathryn

Blake Kathryn

Blake Kathryn is a 3D artist focused in surreal futurism. Her work ranges from environmental settings to intimate organic compositions, and often collaborates across the music, tech, and fashion industries. She is commonly found generating freckles in the glow of her desktop.

Artists - Liron Ashkenazi

Liron Ashkenazi-Eldar

Liron Ashkenazi-Eldar is an award-winning New York Based Designer, Illustrator and Motion Artist. She was named one of print magazine’s 15 Under 30 most promising designers working today. Currently heading the Design studio at The-Artery she’s responsible for creative directing Branding, Web, Motion Graphics and Design-centric projects, as well as The-Artery’s own brand and voice. A school of Visual Arts Alumni, Previously Designer at the esteemed design studio Sagmeister and Walsh. A heavy Cinema4D user, she combine the skill with her passion for illustration and branding to develop a fresh approach to traditional graphic design. Her style is bold, contemporary and daring.

Artists - Jose Panadero

Mike Winklemann

Dude who makes super weird crap that you DO NOT want to show your grandma.

Artists - Laura Kottlowski

Laura Kottlowski

Laura is an award-winning creative director, multidisciplinary creator, outdoor athlete, and emerging virtual reality filmmaker. She’s spent the past 12 years melded her passions, developing creative with an emphasis in the: Outdoor, Action, Sports, and Environmental industries providing direction and creative for: Google, REI, Outside Magazine,, Teva, Smartwool, Sims Snowboards and Protect Our Winters to name a few.

James Ramirez

James Ramirez is a director and motion designer based in Los Angeles, California. After working at MK12 in Kansas City for 10 years, Ramirez moved to LA where he has been an art director with studios including Royale and Alma Mater. He has worked on title sequences for Stranger than Fiction, Quantum of Solace , and co-directed the Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse main on ends.

Steve Teeple

Steve Teeple (better known as Teeps) is a digital artist currently residing in the city of Los Angeles, CA. His work is deeply rooted in the supernatural, leveraging archetypal imagery to create characters and worlds that resonate on an ancient, mythic level. Specializing in 3D Concept Design, Digital Sculpting, Character + Creature Design, Pre-Visualization, 3D Printing, and Virtual Reality Experiences for the entertainment industry.

Doug Appleton

Doug is the VFX Director at Perception in NYC. Doug’s projects have ranged from detailed UX interface projects for high profile security clients, to leading teams on title sequences like Avengers: Age of Ultron, Spider-Man: Homecoming, Thor: Ragnarok, and Avengers: Endgame.

Aleksey Voznesenski

Aleksey has been in the motion industry for over a decade, figuring out how to make things work. Loves making things jump around and explode. Happiest when Rigging, lighting, connecting things and just general C4Deeing. On his site: you can find many free tutorials and character rigs to play with.

Brandon Parvini

Brandon Parvini is a freelance motion designer and director based in Los Angeles. With experience ranging from live installation to film and broadcast Brandon moves various roles including, creative and art direction, design and technical direction, look development, excelling in the development of nontraditional pipelines and workflows.

Jimmy Andersson

Jimmy Andersson is the most veteran of Serial Cut™’s team. He started out as an intern and has art directed a great deal of the most iconic work of the studio. As a freelance, he also collaborates with firms all around the world.

Gabriel Morala

Gabriel Morala is one of the latest additions to Serial Cut™’s team. He has very quickly turned out to be a key value for the studio. He also does his own freelance work for brands all over the world.

Dario Spinelli

Spinelli is one of the founders of Bonsaininja, a creative studio that started out with motion graphics and ended up playing with anything that brings the digital and the physical together: mappings, events, kinetic screens, interactive installations and VR and AR for good measure.

Casey Hupke

Casey Hupke is a Director, Designer, Creative Person… who has been working in the live visual, and commercial field, for over a decade. He’s collaborated with studios to help define a generative art style for brands such as, IBM, ATT, Exxon, BlackBerry, Cylance and Buick. He is excellent at Magic The Gathering.

Eric Say

Eric is the Owner/Creative Director at Gameday Creative, a Creative Agency based in NY specializing in sports and broadcast graphics. He has been the lead director on graphic packages for Jeopardy!, Wheel of Fortune, NFL, MLB, Olympics, and more. Despite his best efforts, projects frequently require Eric to still be hands on and use his C4D skills to cross those finish lines.

David Brodeur

David Brodeur is a Creative Director, Educator and a Design & Animator. He is responsible for maintaining the integrity of brands, developing overall concepts, maintaining the relationship with the end client and working with a team to make sure the creative vision is seen through. Leading innovative design and animation drives him everyday to create. His foundation is in Graphic and Interactive Communication. His primary focus is Motion Design and Company Branding. David has a passion to create and help others become more efficient in design techniques, fundamentals of design and brand guidelines. Clients include brands such as Nike, BMW, FOX, Starz, Mad Decent, WIRED, Adobe, Beats Audio, North Face and Callaway.

Benny Lee

Benny Lee leads 3D design at The Coca-Cola Company. As an early adopter and a generalist of 3D technology, he is experienced in 3D workflow and CGI visualization. Prior to Coca-Cola, he has designed lifestyle products and published photography work. For the past four years, Benny has worked on consumer facing products for the Coca-Cola Freestyle teams as well as in-house 3D workflow that accelerates the product to market process within the design department.

Melanie Kay

Melanie is an avid MoGraph educator/professor, with over 10 years of shaping the next generation of creative designers. She teaches motion graphics, 3D particles simulations, and design! She also loves making training video tutorials. Melanie is also a portfolio mentor. And she has some tennis trophies.

Michael Szabo

Michael Szabo is a motion designer based in Miami. He also serves as a professor teaching 3D motion graphics at New World School of the Arts and founded Miami MoGraph, a meetup organization for motion graphics enthusiasts in Town.